35 Relatable Dog Memes That Everyone Will Find Hilarious

The Internet runs on memes.

Just like how a car needs fuel, the Internet needs memes to run. I am sure not a lot of us remember this or were even alive then but the Internet was primarily memes and animal videos when it started. And while now, one basically cannot live without the Internet, it has changed a lot in recent years. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of animal memes and pictures dotted around every corner of the Internet.

So is it really that surprising that we have managed to find some of the best dog memes for you to look at? While I personally have always been more of a cat person, even I cannot deny that dogs are adorable. And if I was half as active as a person needs to be to take care of a dog, I would get one as soon as possible. Although, until I become active, I can fill my heart with these relatable and hilarious dog memes. I assume you are here for the same reason.

So scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Imgur

#1 I honestly did not know that is what these two holes in the car were used for. Now I just need a dog.

#2 Who cares about the humans as long as you get to play with the dog?

#3 This is honestly so adorable that it almost looks photoshopped.

#4 Why did I not get an invite to this pool party?

#5 I can’t believe how calm all the dogs seem here.

#6 It is always so rewarding when your pet chooses your lap to lie on.

#7 Just something to make a random stranger on the Internet feel better.

#8 Some of the ducks seem a bit confused but what can they even do?

#9 There is not much of a difference between a dog and a baby except that one of those doesn’t make as much of a mess.

#10 Look at the point I made above.

#11 How else is she supposed to keep her luscious fur from getting soggy?

#12 You cannot stop your pet from doing anything.

#13 How else is he supposed to see where he is going to poop?

#14 To be fair, every family gathering does have a few fights.

#15 This is the best kind of compromise.

#16 This doggo is telling us all the facts.

#17 The picture is beautiful and he is one handsome doggo.

While all of these are only supposed to be funny memes, some of these do raise good points. I mean I wouldn’t be opposed to letting you take your high school picture with your pet. Just imagine people coming to school with cats, dogs, iguanas, or whatever pet they have. It might be chaos but it sure does sound like a great idea. And it would also make the picture much more memorable rather than a boring picture against a bland background.

#18 Every dog is a lap dog no matter how big they get.

#19 It was clear that her ex-boyfriend only dated her because of the dog.

#20 The dog has no idea what is going on.

#21 Who wouldn’t miss this lovely dog?

#22 Dogs are nice and all but nothing can top dogs.

#23 And here I thought only huskies were drama queens.

#24 Especially if they are an easily excitable doggo.

#25 It is never a bad time for an adorable dog picture.

#26 That is true love right here.

#27 I can feel the pain because of my fluffy kitty.

#28 Other than when they decide to sleep right on your face.

#29 The dog is not too happy with the false allegations.

#30 Basically a better version of a baby.

#31 Every school needs to do this.

#32 I have been laughing for ten minutes straight because of this.

#33 I agree with this sentiment 100%.

#34 Saying goodbye to your pet is more important than work.

#35 Now, I can finally sleep in peace.

What are your thoughts on these dog memes? Did you find them as lovely as we did? And if so, which one of these memes was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share these memes with your friends so they can enjoy the adorableness of these dogs as well.