Marathon Runner Pauses To Rescue Stray Puppy And Carries Him For 19 Miles

In times when the world’s innumerable issues tire us down and our faith in humanity begins to weaken, it is beneficial to recognize and remember the small acts of kindness performed by our fellow people over the years. People can be profoundly impacted by even the most insignificant acts of kindness and consideration for others. It’s common to talk of compassion in terms of other human beings – relatives, friends, and neighbors; coworkers and strangers; and those who are suffering out around the globe. Compassion, on the other hand, should be extended to all living beings including animals. So, when Khemjira Klongsanun, a runner from Bangkok, Thailand, rescued a stray dog she became an inspiration to many. As much as she enjoys competing in races, Klongsanun understands the need of prioritising other concerns.

Khemjira Klongsanun, a marathon runner stops to rescue a stray puppy and carries him 19 Miles.

Following the completion of a marathon while toting an abandoned dog she found on the side of the road in Thailand, many netizens have expressed their delight on social media.

Meet Khemjira Klongsanun, a woman who has won the hearts of many!

This is the race in which she saved a stray puppy,

While participating in a 26-mile marathon in Ratchaburi in western Thailand on January 20, 43-year old Khemjira Klongsanun noticed other runners turning their backs on an injured dog on the side of the road. She intervened. As the athlete approached the terrified puppy, she carefully coaxed it closer to her by slowing her pace and softly approaching it.

Is that cute little puppy waving at the camera?!

That is what real victory looks like!

Klongsanun made the decision to put the race on pause for a brief span of time rather than continuing on her quest and leaving the small puppy to take on the world on its own. Because there were no residences in the immediate vicinity, Klongsanun decided that the pup had been abandoned. The dog could have been given to a bystander or race official, but Klongsanun didn’t bother to do so. This demonstrates not only her compassion but also her determination to make a difference in the world!

What a heartwarming sight!

Finally, she finished the race with the puppy in her arms, and she was overjoyed because she had been able to save the sorrowful dog. A video was taken of the touching occasion, and everyone was moved by her generosity. “Running almost 20 miles carrying dog was truly a challenge. It was two times tiring than a normal marathon but I did it anyway just because he is adorable,” the athlete said.

The little pup looks absolutely exhausted after the marathon!

Fortunately for the canine, this is not the end of his adventure.

Following the completion of the race, Khemjira attempted to locate the owner of the puppy but was unsuccessful. She even attempted to claim the puppy by posting a notice, but her efforts were in vain. Nom Chom is the name that Khemjira gave to the dog after deciding to adopt him. He has now become a member of her family, joining her other two dogs. The puppy now in a wonderful family where it will be happy and adored by her new human mother as well as her furry friends and siblings.

Look at Nom Chom, sleeping adorably!

“It might take a while for him to adapt himself. But Nom Chom is a very smart boy. I’m sure he is going to be happy living with us,” Klongsanun said.

Those sparkly eyes!!

This little pup has been through a lot, Glad to see a happy ending to this wonderful story!

Every rescue dog has a tale about a time when their life was transformed for the better. Do you have any beautiful stories that you would like to share? If yes, feel free to share with us!